PRISM Modules

With most outcomes/impacts there will be range of different methods that could potentially be used to collect data. The PRISM modules are designed to guide you towards methods that are appropriate for the outcome/impact you are trying to measure.

The data collection methods in PRISM are grouped under the following categories:

Awareness & Attitudes

Measuring changes in levels of stakeholder awareness and attitudes and whether these lead to changes in behaviour that beneft conservation.

Capacity Development

Measuring changes in the ability of people, organisations or society to perform better, solve problems or manage their affairs successfully.

Livelihoods & Governance

Measuring changes in relation to people’s livelihoods, wellbeing status and the governance arrangements that affect the lives of project stakeholders


Measuring changes to rules, regulations and agreements that govern conservation targets.

Species and Habitat Management

Measuring changes in relation to the direct management of species or habitats.